• Project based Technology Planning.
  • Consulting Services designed to fit your needs.
  • High-Tech Board training and facilitation.
  • Individual technology tutoring.
  • Hardware & software analysis.
The TWI Process
    Vendor Interface - Eliminate emotion and screen phone calls

    RFI (Request for Information) - Analyze vendor qualifications

    Needs Analysis - Assure you are buying what you need

    RFP (Request for Proposal) - Customize and rate for each client

    Hardware Planning - Design WAN/LAN for performance

    "Apples to Apples" Financial Comparison - Provide a true investment picture

    Structured Demonstrations - Provide basis for valid comparison

    Client/Reference Checklist - Collect the most pertinent information

    Corporate Visit - Meet your future business partner

    Contract Negotiation - Quantify all the promises

    Board Interface - Inception through negotiation
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