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  • Vendor Analysis
  • E-Commerce
  • Technology Development
  • Networking
Negotiate from a position of knowledge.

TWI has studied the top 20 Credit Union IT companies and their systems in excruciating detail over the last several years. We have designed an RFP and evaluation process that takes the emotion out of the DP decision.

Suppose you could instantly gain 35 years of computer experience. Would it:
  • Save you Time
  • Reduce your Risk
  • Elevate your Comfort Zone
  • Identify "Vaporware"
  • Neutralize "Feature Wars"
  • Clarify "Blending of Solutions"
How much value would this provide your Credit Union? Many Credit Unions have found TWI's services to be invaluable.
TWI's President, David Dally, has represented many of the leading Credit Union IT Companies on a national basis, and has a unique understanding of the selling process. Because he has been on the other side of the table, David brings unique sales analysis skills to your project.
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